5 Oct 2007

Samoa police positive about scientology assistance

4:28 pm on 5 October 2007

Samoa's acting police commissioner says he welcomes the goodwill visit by scientology volunteers who will train police officers in disaster management.

Scientology volunteers have put up tents in front of the government building in Apia for their disaster management training over the next two weeks.

The goodwill visit has sparked protests among Christians from various congregations who warn about the possible negative impact.

The government has expressed its support for the training, and the acting police commissioner, Lilo Maiava, says residents have nothing to worry about.

"They only requested for police to come over to join their training relating to disaster management. They might have some new approach to the disaster management. when the ones who are in the course, when they finish, they will bring their report and then we will look at it and review whether it is good for us or whatever."

Lilo Maiava says they will discontinue the training if is not helpful.