8 Oct 2007

Dispute over role of watch dog organisation in American Samoa

12:10 pm on 8 October 2007

A former president of the American Samoan watchdog group, Common Cause, has called on President Ben Te'o to step down.

Taimane Johnson has accused Ben Te'o of using Common Cause for his own agenda by calling a teacher's strike when its against the organization's rules to be involved in politics.

"For the President of Common Cause to come out and urge the teachers to go on strike, no that is not what Common Cause is all about."

In response, Ben Te'o says that Ms Johnson has not been active in Common Cause since he became president and her accusations are baseless.

No, I'm not using the organisation for my own venture. But I'm using this to fight the corruption and everything else in our government.

The president of watchdog group, Common Cause, Ben Te'o