9 Oct 2007

Fiji rugby teams World Cup performance expected to boost tourism

10:26 am on 9 October 2007

Fiji's tourism industry has been buoyed up by the country's outstanding performance at the Rugby World Cup, and expects to attract large numbers of new visitors to the country.

The president of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Dixon Seeto, has told Fiji TV that hotel guests have been watching replays of Fiji's fairytale run at the World Cup.

He says the tourists have been feeling proud to be in the country whose team has done so well against all odds.

Mr Seeto says awareness of Fiji has been enhanced worldwide and it's now up to the Fiji Visitors Bureau and the resorts and airlines to capitalize on the opportunity.

The interim minister for tourism, Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau, says Fiji's performance has been a windfall in free marketing and a wonderful opportunity to grow tourism.