9 Oct 2007

Palau to consider establishment of court for tribal and cultural disputes

10:31 am on 9 October 2007

A bill has been introduced in the Palau Senate to create a court to deal with

traditional and cultural cases.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Santy Asanuma, says that unresolved disputes involving traditional and cultural matters in the Supreme Court continue to rise and are causing much confusion and frustration among clans, lineages and

families in Palau.

It says this condition, if not corrected, will undermine the integrity and well-being of

Palau as a society.

The Bill proposes that the new court would handle matters involving land, property and all other issues that are governed by traditional principles.

Senator Asanuma says the Court should utilize the consensus approach as the accepted Palauan way of establishing facts and rely on recognized traditional institutions, entities or authority.