15 Oct 2007

Anti terrorism exercise to be held in Guam this week

6:21 am on 15 October 2007

One of the world's biggest anti-terrorism exercises will be held in Guam this week.

The exercise is part of testing the response of Guam and the U.S to terrorist attacks after the Bush administration decided that the territory would become its largest military base in the region.

The governor's spokesperson, Shawn Guamataotao, says they have prepared for the exercise for the past two years and are now ready to simulate a real life attack.

Mr Guamataotao says the exercise is very important for Guam and its mother country.

"Because of our geographic isolation from the U.S. mainland we look at what is happening at China Straits, what's happening in South East Asia, and because of the fact that we are becoming more and more a very critical military hub, we are being very mindful that anything that might happen in these flashpoints will affect what happens here."

Shawn Guamataotao says there are also other threats, such as natural disasters.