19 Oct 2007

Fiji group demands respect for constitution in organising elections

2:53 pm on 19 October 2007

The Fiji-based Pacific Centre for Public Integrity says no amount of spindoctoring by the interim government will change the fact that the Pacific Islands Forum leaders won't accept the justifications for last year's military coup.

The PCPI says contrary to statements from the interim leaders, the Forum only noted the existence of the so-called people's charter which the PCPI says does not mean it was accepted.

The head of the PCPI, Angie Heffernan, has urged the public and community leaders to only support initiatives that are within the provisions of Fiji's constitution.

She says people have to accept that the constitution is still in force and that the only way the race-based electoral system can be removed is through

an elected government and through the process of parliament.

Ms Heffernan also says if the interim regime believes the judiciary is independent then it should allow access to the UN Special Rapporteur on

Independence of the Judiciary to send a fact finding team to Fiji.