25 Oct 2007

Promoting two Samoas as single destination is all talk - says President of Association

12:04 pm on 25 October 2007

The President of American Samoa's Visitors Association says it has just been all talk about jointly promoting the two Samoa as a single destination.

Thomas Drabble says he sees the benefits of developing packages that include an island hop to Pago Pago for tourists who visit Samoa.

But he says feedback he's received from visitors who come through Apia, is that they were discouraged by travel agents in Samoa to come to American Samoa.

He said the tourists are told that the island is filthy, there are no nice places to stay and there was nothing for tourists to do here.

But Mr Drabble said the tourists who stay at his two hotels Sadie's and Sadie's by the Sea are delighted with their experience of American Samoa.

Referring to the recent visit by members of the Samoa Tourism industry, Drabble said the group was just interested in boosting visitor numbers from the territory and doubts the sincerity of offers from the other side to market both countries.

Mr Drabble says he's getting his clients via the web.