26 Oct 2007

Electricity prices in Fiji set to go up next month

10:56 am on 26 October 2007

Electricity prices in Fiji are set to go up from the beginning of November.

This follows the Commerce Commission's decision to approve an application by the state-owned Fiji Electricity Authority to increase the fuel surcharge it imposes on the power tariff.

The very smallest users of electricity as well as schools and religious organisations will be exempt from the surcharge, but all others will have to pay.

But the Consumer Council of Fiji is against the increase saying the Electricity Authority is relying on the fuel surcharge to address its financial shortfall.

The council's chief executive Premila Kumar says the Electriticy Authority had failed to inform the Commerce Commission that its reliance on high-cost, imported diesel fuel in October had decreased, with more power being generated from hydro and thermal sources.