26 Oct 2007

Guam Homeland Security calls for more regional partnerships in counter-terrorism

12:21 pm on 26 October 2007

The head of Homeland Security in Guam has called for more regional partnerships in counter-terrorism preparedness.

Colonel Dennis Santo Tomas says last week's large-scale counter-terrorism exercise in Guam, which simulated a dirty bomb incident, involved a wide range of the local community, from military to the private sector.

He says the collaboration and communication garnered through the exercise serve as a platform towards improving Guam's overall preparedness for a terror threat

But Colonel Santo Tomas says he has identified many vulnerabilities in the system which need to be worked on for the sake of both Guam and its region.

"Right now I'm talking about the CNMI and so forth but certainly partners like Australia and New Zealand, I'd like to engage them as well. We see a lot of partnerships occurring with our military organisations but we need to engage the municipality sectors of our governments and communities as well. We need to engage within ourselves as well because it's the entire region at large that we should be all concerned about that we want to protect and safeguard."

Colonel Dennis Santo Tomas of Homeland Security