1 Nov 2007

Solomon Islands Governor General accused of intimidation

10:57 am on 1 November 2007

Transparency International Solomon Islands says the governor general's attempt to silence one of the most outspoken women in the country is outrageous.

The governor general has summoned the general secretary of the National Council of Women, Ella Kauhue, to his office to talk to her about a newspaper article she wrote that was critical about the government's plans to review the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI.

The National Council of Women has also condemned the move.

Transparency's executive officer, Joses Tuhanuku, agrees and says the governor's behaviour is intimidating.

"What the governor general has done is outrageous. He is bringing disrepute to the office of the governor general. He has gone outside the statutory role of the governor general. And he is getting too involved in politics. The reason why the governor general is behaving that way is because he is campaigning to get his second term from the members of parliament."

Joses Tuhanuku fears other women might now feel frightened to voice their opinions.