2 Nov 2007

Luganville women protest against Vanuatu land deals on public space

4:35 pm on 2 November 2007

A group of women in the Vanuatu town of Luganville are planning to protest against the planned development of a public land so-called green space.

The group's representative, Anna Blessing, says they may set up temporary residence at the recently cleared space as a protest against improper land dealings.

The Luganville Municipal Council has confirmed the Minister of Lands Maxime Carlot Korman has given the land over to an associate.

However this and a number of other recent land dealings by the Minister are being investigated by Vanuatu's Ombudsman's office.

Ms Blessing says local women don't want development to swallow up their few communal spaces...

"Because what's happening now in Luganville is that we citizens of Vanuatu, we sell land to people who want to make business here. So some of our spaces, our beautiful spaces, have been sold, and it's limiting our people, especially our future generations... they don't have the right to those places."

Anna Blessing