6 Nov 2007

Police in Samoa reconsidering options over occupation of government land

4:24 pm on 6 November 2007

Samoa's police minister is considering what action to take against the village council of Satapuala over its refusal to leave government land.

A group from the village is occupying government land under the Trust Estates Corporation or STEC at Mulifanua, opposite Faleolo International airport.

The group had till the end of last week to end its unlawful occupation.

The minister, Tole'afoa Apulu Fa'afisi, says all government lands are public properties and no one can occupy or take them as their own.

Our correspondent in Samoa, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says the minister is looking at what to do next.

"He does not want to stir up things, he said he does not want police to cause any differences between the law and village who are occupying unlawfully the government land, but he says no one is above the law and by the time, when its enough its enough, and then the law should take its stand by removing those people occupying the government land."

The village claims the government should return most of their lands taken by force during the German colonial era.