7 Nov 2007

NZers called on to assist preservation of PNG forest

8:48 pm on 7 November 2007

New Zealanders are being called on to play their part in helping ensure the forest on a small island off the Papua New Guinea mainland is not clear felled and replaced with palm oil plantations.

Forest on three quarters, or around 60 thousand hectares, of Woodlark Island in Milne Bay Province, is set to be milled and palm oil trees planted.

New Zealand Green MP, Metiria Turei, is in Port Moresby and is supporting efforts by islanders to keep their forests intact.

She says New Zealanders need to think twice about the source of their garden furniture made out of kwila, while the dairy industry needs to reconsider importing palm oil cake.

"They have to take responsibility for their complicity in the deforesting and the palm oil production that often results. So they to take responisbility ans stop using those products and there are certainly alternatives to that."

New Zealand Green MP, Metiria Turei.