8 Nov 2007

Solomon Islands police commissioner questions immunity for RAMSI personnel

10:29 am on 8 November 2007

Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan, says the immunity granted to

RAMSI personnel is not right.

The Commissioner has told a media conference that the immunity given was an over sight by the government of the day.

Commissioner Khan said while he was critical of the work of the Regional

Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, he acknowledged that the work done by the RAMSI police contingent continues to contribute greatly to the law and order situation in the country.

"We must not discrdit RAMSI. I tell you one thing - they have done a wonderful job in this country, On a daily basis they are doing an excellent job. They are providing us a lot of assistance and resources. We should not forget those good times that RAMSI has provided. But, at the same time, the law, the sovereignty of this country has to be observed by everybody."

Commissioner Khan's comments come at a time when the Solomon Islands government is expected to debate the immunity law in the upcoming sitting of parliament on December 3rd