9 Nov 2007

Samoa says SPC should be employing more Pacific people

1:58 pm on 9 November 2007

Samoa says the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, or SPC, should have more Pacific people among its staff of 360.

The call was made by a senior official of Samoa's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tapusalaia Terry To'omata, during an meeting of the 26 SPC member countries in Apia.

Mr To'omata says just 45 percent of the SPC's staff are from the Pacific.

The Director General of SPC, Dr Jimmy Rodgers, says there is a need for Pacific governments to allow officials to be seconded to the organisation and allowed to return to their former posts at a later date.

The SPC is celebrating 60 years of service at the meeting in Apia to be concluded by a ministerial level conference next week.