10 Nov 2007

Tonga offers tourism and agriculture investment opportunities

11:32 am on 10 November 2007

The Tongan chamber of commerce says tourism and agriculture are the kingdom's top investment opportunities and it hopes to see some deals coming out of this week's Return To Roots Mission.

Ten New Zealand-based Pacific Island delegates are in Nuku'alofa on a mission to find new markets.

The chamber's president, Tapu Vanuve, says he hopes the delegates recognise the great investment potential of the kingdom.

"I would really like to see some ventures. If we get two or three out of this, it would be a great success. But in the least, maybe some networking, exchanging of information. For the local businesspeople, it gives them hope that the chamber, PITIC, the government is facilitating this kind of mission."

Tapu Vanuve says he would like to see a repeat of a mission of similar nature in the future.