10 Nov 2007

PCRC believes use of Fiji military officers in police affairs creates gun culture dependence

11:34 am on 10 November 2007

The Pacific Islands Resource Centre believes the use of Fiji's military officers in police operations marks a trend of police dependence on a gun culture.

They say this will lead to more violence, arrogance and a lack of respect for human rights and human dignity.

PCRC's Disarmament spokesperson Ema Tagicakibau says the blurring of roles and boundaries between the police and military clearly shows the police no longer has the capacity, independence and credibility to carry out is primary role of handling domestic security problems.

She says while PCRC is concerned about the seriousness of the allegations of the plot the burden of proof is on the police to produce credible evidence which so far has not surfaced.

Ema Tagicakibau says this is therefore disturbing that unarmed men are subjected to physical injuries, which brings the security once again the need to uphold the separation of powers and roles between the police and military.

Ms Tagicakabau's comments comes in response to the recent claims of police military brutality.