19 Nov 2007

Pacific countries move forward to cut carbon emissions

10:46 am on 19 November 2007

A climate change adviser for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme or SPREP, says countries in the region are moving forward on projects to introduce renewable energy and cut down on carbon emissions.

Espen Ronneberg says the matter was raised during a Pacific Community conference in Apia last week.

The Marshall Islands is looking to introduce solar power, and several countries such as Vanuatu and Cook Islands are looking to run diesel trucks and generators with coconut oil.

And he says Papua New Guinea is engaged in an effort to reduce emissions from deforestation.

He says American Samoa government's effort to replace its fleet of cars with hybrid and fuel efficient ones in 2008, is a first.

"Yes you can now get fairly fuel efficient 4 wheel drives, and I think its a question of looking at the actual fuel efficiency of different vehicle. Any effort to reduce emissions is to be commended I do believe."