19 Nov 2007

Fiji government called on to subsidise flour and other food basics

8:17 pm on 19 November 2007

The interim government of Fiji is being called on to subsidise the increasing cost of basic items like flour, or face rising poverty levels.

The price of flour has already risen twice in two months, due to a shortage of imported wheat.

Fiji flour milling companies are predicting several more price rises before the end of the year.

There has also been a exorbitant rise in the price of cooking gas.

The Consumer Council of Fiji's Chief executive, Premilar Kumar, says something needs to be done, or more families face poverty.

"It's really unfortunate that we're experiencing increase in the prices of other goods. And there is no easy solution. Consumers are cutting back on their consumption, no doubt about that. But at the end of the day the government has to step in and subsidise in certain areas so the consumer can lead a comfortable life."

The Consumer Council of Fiji's Premilar Kumar