20 Nov 2007

No decision from French Polynesia govt talks with striking doctors

8:48 pm on 20 November 2007

No decision has been reached in a meeting between striking hospital doctors and government officials in French Polynesia.

The meeting, Monday local time, tried to address the doctors' grievances.

A number of hospital doctors began their strike about a week ago to demand a higher budget as they argue health care needs are growing.

The government said it would start negotiations with the hospital doctors, but not while they are on strike.

A health advisor to the government, Dr Jean Paul Theron, says the doctors will decide in a meeting on Tuesday whether they will stop or continue their action.

"They are going to have an assemble generale, a meeting for the union, and they are going to have votes and they will decide if they will go on or if they stop. The fact is that the government understands what the doctors ask, but it is not possible to answer all these questions under pressure."

Dr Jean Paul Theron says not all hospital doctors are on strike, and all private health facilities are operating normally.