22 Nov 2007

SDL party in Fiji proposes its legitimate path to elections

10:53 am on 22 November 2007

Fiji's SDL party has proposed what it says is a legitimate way to return the country to democratic rule.

In return, it says it is prepared to accept its removal from power.

Fiji TV reports that in its proposal, the SDL says proper legal foundations should be followed to hold legitimate elections.

It proposes the reconvening of the elected parliament to consider certain issues and set the scene for elections.

In return the current interim administration must resign and be replaced by a multi-party, multi-racial cabinet.

It says once parliament has finished its business, the prime minister would resign and advise the president to dissolve parliament in the legal way.

A caretaker cabinet would be responsible for the basic business of the state until the election.

The SDL says its proposal is a starting point for dialogue, negotiations and agreements crucial to Fiji's progress.

It says national interest demands that hard feelings, personal animosity and anger be put aside.