22 Nov 2007

Solomons Governor General says Government should urgently set date to convene Parliament

8:13 pm on 22 November 2007

The Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, is to request the Prime Minister to urgently advise him on a new date and time for the National Parliament to meet.

This comes as two groups continue to claim they have the support of a majority of MPs, but that cannot be tested without a vote in Parliament.

The governor General's request is a new development in the political crisis, but follows a proposed legal action by the Attorney General, Julian Moti, to include Sir Nathaniel in his legal case against the Opposition.

On Wednesday the Governor General said he did not have the power to convene Parliament.

But sources in Honiara say Sir Nathaniel is perturbed by Mr Moti's intention to include him in his legal action.

Sir Nathaniel says he has now accepted a legal opinion that he can help resolve the political impasse.