23 Nov 2007

Questions asked in Fiji why Fatiaki hearing revolves around tax matters when there's a tax amnesty.

3:26 pm on 23 November 2007

Fiji's former opposition leader is questioning why the charges against the suspended chief justice Daniel Fatiaki revolve mostly around tax issues.

A tribunal has been appointed to consider the allegations against Mr Fatiaki, and will hold its preliminary hearing on Monday.

But he has asked the Suva High Court for leave to add the names of the three senior overseas judges to his constitutional redress case against the president and key figures in the interim administration.

Mick Beddoes says when there is a tax amnesty in place in Fiji until the end of the year, he doesn't understand why 4 of the charges relate to Mr Fatiaki's tax and personal income.

"I'm not condoning the irregularities of anybody's tax matters, but that;s the matter for the individual to sort with the tax authorities. If, as a citizen he applies under the amnesty, then 4 of the 6 charges that they are alleging would obviously become null and void."

Mick Beddoes says the other two charges relate to the 2000 coup, and he believes there is a vendetta against Mr Fatiaki.