26 Nov 2007

Price of local dairy goods in Fiji set to rise

11:39 am on 26 November 2007

The price of local dairy products in Fiji such, as milk, are expected to increase soon as a result of the five percent duty concession.

The Prices and Incomes Board secretary, Ane Naulivou, said the board was in the process of reviewing the price.

In the 2008 Budget, the interim Government imposed a five per cent duty concession on full cream powdered milk in bulk, liquid milk in bulk and bulk butter.

Rewa Dairy's chief executive, Savenaca Seniloli, told the Fiji Times that to sustain the development and support of the infant dairy industry the Co-operative will explore price increases or divert local milk to better return options.

Mr Seniloli said the five per cent duty concession indicated a revenue generation approach from the government as opposed to developing Fiji's local infant dairy industry.