29 Nov 2007

PNG's chief ombudsman says freedom of informations laws vital for democracy

4:17 pm on 29 November 2007

Papua New Guinea's chief ombudsman says his country should seriously consider enacting some kind of freedom of information legislation.

The issue is being discussed at a conference of information commissioners, and ombudsman, in Wellington this week.

Ila Geno says people can't interpret democracy if they don't have access to information.

He is advocating for FOI legislation, but says there is a lot of work to be done.

"I think one of the challenges we have in Papua New Guinea is that everyone has to work together to educate our politicians, our people, our bureaucrats, it has to be team work. I have some serious concerns about the 100 percent support of the politicians at the moment."

Ila Geno says freely releasing information is good for everybody, so politicians shouldn't be scared of it.