5 Dec 2007

Calls for rich nations to help poorer nations adapt to weather conditions

12:03 pm on 5 December 2007

Delegates to the United Nations Climate Change conference in Bali say the rich nations must help the poorer countries to adapt to weather conditions.

Representatives from Papua New Guinea say they don't have enough money to deal with the extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

Ursula Rakouva from the Carteret Atolls in the Autonomous Province of Bougainville told the conference that her home is in danger of disappearing.

"Our atolls are continuously shrinking, when the population is getting bigger. We do not have land to grow any food any more and this is basically why we want to relocated ourselves to mainland Bougainville."

Ursula Rakouva from Bougainville's Carteret Atolls.

For several years the provincial administration has been encouraging the Carteret Islanders to move to the main island of Bougainville.