6 Dec 2007

Tropical Cyclone Daman moves over Rotuma in Fiji

10:32 am on 6 December 2007

Tropical Cyclone Daman has moved over Rotuma in the Fiji region, but will be back in the area tomorrow afternoon.

It moved over the Island last night, resulting in wind justs up to 100-kilometres and hour, and 30 to 40 millimetres of rain.

Matt Boterhovern of the Fiji Met Service, says a short time ago, it was 200-kilometres south west of Rotuma moving Southwest at 20-kilometres an hour.

He says later today it will start to move South-easterly, back towards the Fiji group, and is expected to reach the Yasawa islands tomorrow.

"Currently tropical cyclone Daman is a category two system. We expect it to maintain its intensity. Category two, means there is 55-knot winds close to the centre, which is around 100-kilometres per hour."

Matt Boterhovern of the Fiji Met Service.