10 Dec 2007

Relief supplies arriving on Fiji's Cikobia after destructive cyclone

4:22 pm on 10 December 2007

A boat carrying emergency supplies for the island devastated by tropical cyclone Daman is due to arrive tomorrow morning.

Daman passed over parts of Fiji early on Saturday morning, destroying a number of homes on one small island.

It brought hurricane force winds to the northern tip of Vanua Levu, and destroyed homes, a school and crops on the island of Cikobia on Friday.

Pajiliai Dobui, from the Disaster Management Office, says a helicopter has dropped rations, blankets and tents to the island's 70 inhabitants.

He says the damage is less than what it would have been had the cyclone hit more populated parts of the islands.

"There was no casualty, so the damage is mostly on homes, destroyed homes, and contaminated water from the sea. Not so much as we would consider for other, normally stricken, areas."

Pajiliai Dobui says there are a few homes still standing, but many were blown away.