10 Dec 2007

Greenpeace says fish retailers should ensure sourcing only sustainable tuna from Pacific

3:55 pm on 10 December 2007

Greenpeace says it's urging fish retailers worldwide to work with developing countries in the Pacific to source only sustainable tuna products.

The environmental group's comment comes after the Western Central and Pacific Fisheries Commission failed to adopt any effective and precautionary catch reduction measures at their annual general meeting in Guam last week.

The Commission's science committee recommended a 25-percent reduction in Bigeye catch and a 10-percent reduction in Yellowfin.

But Greenpeace claim that efforts to reach a consensus were sabotaged bythe distant fishwater nations - Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Greenpeace's Pacific Oceans teamleader Nilesh Gounder says it's disappointing and Pacific countries need to take a stronger stand.

"They must be united. Regional solidarity must be there. They must ensure they are getting the best deal for their tuna resources. And even though the Commission has failed to make a decision, the power is still very much in their hands. They are the resource owners."

Nilesh Gounder says Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands called for the creation of marine reserves in three large high seas areas, where tuna are known to spawn.

Although the measure wasn't adopted at last week's meeting in Guam, he says it is on the table for future talks.