11 Dec 2007

Samoan lawyer doubts delays would help in road use shift

4:38 pm on 11 December 2007

A Samoan lawyer Tole'afoa Solomona To'ailoa says even an 18-month delay in switching to right hand drive vehicles won't help the public to get ready for the change.

The government plans to implement the switch by July but it is faced with widespread opposition.

Unconfirmed reports say the change may now not happen until 2009.

Tole'afoa who is to organise a protest march on Monday says extending the timeframe won't make any difference.

"W e consider that to be of very very minimal time and wouldn't really have much impact as in terms of getting people prepare for it, 18 months in our view will be a far too short period."

Lawyer Tole'afoa Solomona To'ailoa.