13 Dec 2007

The Solomon Islands Parliament is due to resume today

11:29 am on 13 December 2007

The Solomon Islands parliament is due to resume today, with MPs set to vote on a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

The long-awaited sitting has the all-clear after the High Court dismissed a legal challenge from Mr Sogavare to delay parliament from resuming.

Justice Edwin Goldsborough dismissed the prime minister's case, calling it frivolous and vexatious.

Mr Sogavare was challenging the governor general's power to convene Parliament today, and wanted the sitting to be delayed until December 24.

According to the Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, the motion of no confidence, which has been filed by the opposition, may not be heard until Friday.

He says under parliament's standing orders, government business normally takes precedence over matters regarded as private members' business such as the motion of no-confidence.