19 Dec 2007

Cook Islands government working to fix problems with energy project on Mangaia

11:25 am on 19 December 2007

The Cook Islands government says it's working towards fixing the mechanical faults that's been dogging it's renewable energy resource project on Mangaia.

Two wind energy turbines were installed on Mangaia in 2002 but technical and design faults has meant it's only been able to work on and off for the last five years.

Mangaia's energy division manager, Anthony Whyte, has called on the government to make more of a commitment to the project.

The Cook Islands Energy Division's renewable energy advisor, Tangi Tereapii, says the government is working with SOPAC to rehabilitate the Mangaia project.

"I think it's at the top level discussion now for government to re-look at these wind energy project on the island of Mangaia and see where funds can be secured to rehab this project whether we have to go back to the aid donor who provided this project or for government to commit some financial assistance."

Mr Tereapii this is the first year the government has committed a portion of it's budget, about 11 thousand US dollars, towards providing support for renewable energy projects.