21 Dec 2007

Nauru confident Australia will help mitigate economic loss when detention camp closes

6:56 pm on 21 December 2007

The new Government in Nauru says Australia has indicated it's aware of the financial stresses for the island when the asylum seeker detention camp closes.

The new Australian government has indicated the closure of the camp is a priority, but this presents a financial burden for Nauru with the facility producing 20 percent of the island's income.

The new Nauru Government hopes to have comprehensive talks early next year but the new Foreign Minister, Dr Kieren Keke, says he has received indications Canberra is seriously considering the impact of the closures on the island's economy.

"And whilst we appreciate the new Australian Government's policies and plans, we also are confident that they are aware of the impact it will have on our on people and they are looking at ways to lessen that impact."