24 Dec 2007

Moti dumped as Solomons' Attorney General - deportation process underway

4:19 pm on 24 December 2007

Julian Moti has been terminated as the Solomon Islands Attorney General by the Judicial Legal Services Commission.

The formal process to extradite the controversial lawyer, who is wanted by Australian Federal Police for historical child sex charges, has begun.

Mr Moti failed in a High Court bid to prevent the government from sending him back to Australia to face charges.

The presiding judge, Chief Justice Albert Palmer, ruled Moti's rights to remain in the country were by virtue of his appointment as Attorney General and not as an individual.

The new government's chief of staff, Mathew Wale, says now that his appointment has been terminated, the deportation order is underway.

"It'll be within this week for sure - the exact time and date is up to the authorities and obviously, working with the airlines. We don't have flights every day. He doesn't have a passport and we are not terribly worried about that, that is up to his government, the Australian Government to consider."

Mathew Wale