10 Jan 2008

American Samoa police accused of brutality

6:31 am on 10 January 2008

The American Samoa government intends to charge three police officers and one inmate for two separate incidents of alleged police brutality.

Assistant Attorney General Don Shaw says the government has received police reports on the two incidents and was moving to file charges.

In the first incident which occurred in October, a man who was taken into custody for public peace disturbance ended up in hospital with a broken jaw.

The victim claims that he was beaten by a prison guard.

The second incident, which occurred last month, involves a college student who was picked up in front of McDonalds.

The victim alleged that an off duty officer first assaulted him at the scene then a second one licked and punched him in a police van while he was cuffed.

Mr Shaw said that the three officers have been summoned to appear in court and the inmate will appear on an arrest warrant.