10 Jan 2008

Marshalls President names Cabinet

6:13 pm on 10 January 2008

The Marshall Islands President Litokwa Tomeing has named a 10-member

Cabinet, including a 16 year veteran of parliament as foreign minister.

Tony DeBrum's Foreign Affairs portfolio will likely to calm fears of a

diplomatic switch to China, as he was the architect of the country's

diplomatic recognition of Taiwan when he was in government10 years ago.

The Cabinet includes two members who left the former government to

support the Aelon Kein Ad party, Nidel Lorak in Education and Norman

Matthew in Internal Affairs.

Tomeing has also named the first woman to Cabinet in 12 years.

The newly elected independent MP Amenta Matthew, the only woman in parliament, was named to head the Ministry of Health.

The new cabinet also includes, for the first time, two successful businessmen,

David Kramer, who is a manager at the largest construction company in the country, now becomes justice minister.

And Dennis Momotaro, the ceo of a retail and wholesale company, was given the Transportation and Communications portfolio.