15 Jan 2008

Solomons PM deplores situation of tsunami victims

4:03 pm on 15 January 2008

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Derek Sikua, says he very much regrets that nine months after the tsunami struck the western region, victims are still living in tents.

Dr Sikua said this is an indication that the government has neglected its duty to its people.

He made the comments in response to th western province's premier Alex Lokopio's appeal for the new government to provide human resources and materials to enable affected people rehabilitate their homes and get back to normalcy.

Premier Lokopio has also reminded the prime minister and his delegation of the importance of assisting disaster-stricken people of both the Western and Choiseul provinces.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation says the Prime Minister told hundreds of Gizo residents that the government's failure to disburse funding approved for the rehabilitation phase was not right.