15 Jan 2008

Cook Islands government to appoint new foreign affairs secretary

3:59 pm on 15 January 2008

The Cook Islands foreign minister, Wilkie Rasmussen, says the successful applicant for the foreign secretary position will need wide knowledge on immigration.

There are five applicants for the position to which an appointment will be made tomorrow.

They are a former New Zealand High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, Kurt Meyer, Rohan Ellis, Mike Mitchell, Carl Hunter and a woman, Vaine Wichman.

Mr Rasmussen says while the applicant needs to have in-depth knowledge about the Cook Islands' position regionally and globally there is another huge responsibility.

"I'm also however, keen for that person to have the ability to administer a ministry because attached to the foreign affairs ministry is immigration, and it is one area in the past that has been quite neglected under foreign affairs, because there seems to be no relation between the two issues."

Wilkie Rasmussen