18 Jan 2008

American Samoa Senator wants inquiry into Governor's medical treatment

10:20 am on 18 January 2008

An American Samoa Senator, Alo Stevenson, has called for an investigation into the treatment of Governor Togiola Tulafono at the LBJ Hospital.

He issued the call after Senator Muagutitia Vaiula, a retired surgeon, expressed his dissatisfaction with the quality of care the governor has received at the local hospital.

A doctor was suspended without pay last week for prescribing an antibiotic that the govenror was allergic to.

The allergy had been recorded on the governor's medical file.

Senator Alo said senators must get a clear understanding of the governor's case and the situation at the hospital.

He said the Senate will request the Lt. Governor to direct the Office of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations to conduct a special investigation into the Governor's treatment.

The governor was medivaced to Honolulu yesterday afternoon.