18 Jan 2008

French Polynesia opposition denies deal done with ruling party

2:52 pm on 18 January 2008

French Polynesia's opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party has dismissed claims that it has entered into an alliance with the ruling Union For Democracy ahead of territorial elections later this month.

A senior Tahoeraa leader, Edouard Fritch, made the comment on radio and accused a rival opposition politicians backing Gaston Tong Sang of spreading wrong information.

But Mr Fritch has confirmed that his party has established a dialogue with the Union For Democracy whose leader, Oscar Temaru, has not ruled out post-election cooperation.

After decades of rivalry, the two main political parties had joined forces last year to oust the government led by Mr Tong Sang.

They also voted against the reforms adopted under urgency in Paris which have resulted in a new electoral system.