21 Jan 2008

Fiji interim finance minister says public servants pay cuts will be restored this year

10:38 am on 21 January 2008

Fiji's interim Finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, says the four percent pay cut imposed on civil servants last year by the interim Government will be restored soon.

The Fijilive website says Mr Chauhdry said on a talkback radio show that the administration had provided funds for the purpose this year

Mr Chaudhry said the Public Service Commission had made an offer to the public sector unions regarding the restoration and talks are expected to begin soon.

The interim administration imposed the pay cut soon after it came to power.

On the Government's aim of reducing the civil service, Mr Chaudhry said some ministries and departments were clearly overstaffed and the PSC has put in place a programme with the aim of reducing the service by 10 per cent.

He added that while there will be a reduction in some areas, essential sectors like health may need more staff.