21 Jan 2008

New Tokelau ulu confident after Nukunonu re-election

6:45 pm on 21 January 2008

Tokelau's incoming head of government or ulu for 2008 says he's well prepared for the role.

Pio Tuia says he will be sworn in as ulu at the next General Fono, which is expected to take place in February.

The ulu's term is for one year and the title rotates among the three atolls, with Nukunonu now having its turn.

Pio Tuia says with 120 votes, it was clear more than half the atoll's population had voted him in as Nukunonu's faipule or village leader for the fifth time.

"They are wanting me again to be the faipule for Nukunonu. And there's a change in the mayor for Nukunonu, its now a new one. But it went very well. It went very well and we didn't finish within one day, it took two days."

Pio Tuia says Foua Toloa is the new faipule for Fakaofo atoll taking over from long time incumbent Kolouei O'Brien.

He says Kuresa Nasau has also been re-elected as the faipule for Atafu.