23 Jan 2008

Papua New Guinea's Fisheries Ministry hopes to make PNG the world's tuna capital

11:32 am on 23 January 2008

Papua New Guinea's Fisheries Ministry is focused on making PNG the world's tuna capital, with the establishment of the Madang marine industrial park.

The National newspaper reports the marine park will benefit local fishermen, fishing groups and boost national coffers.

Currently PNG gets less than 40-percent of expected export revenue in the sector because of the lack of on-shore processing facilities.

The department wants to increase this to between 80 and and 100-percent to create more employment and economic growth.

The Fisheries Minister, Ben Semri, made the announcement during the recent opening of PNG's very own first ever fish processing and cold storage facility.

The department now needs to finalise a policy framework to guide how many processing facilities will be established and properly regulate it.

Mr Semri said the aim was to build more than six.