23 Jan 2008

Solomon Islands community leader says policy restricting Malaitans is only temporary

11:28 am on 23 January 2008

A community leader says the policy restricting Malaitans working for the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited in Solomon Islands is a temporary measure.

A church and community leader in North Guadalcanal, Father Benedict Garimane, made the assurance after media reports that the National Union of Workers had raised the issue with the company.

Father Garimane, who is also the Chairman of the Landowners Association in North Guadalcanal, says the policy was put in the agreement signed between the company and landowners to safeguard all parties concern.

He told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation the country has just come out of the social unrest, and the ill-feeling and mistrust between Guadalcanal and Malaita people is still there.