24 Jan 2008

Vanuatu police under pressure to protect expatriates following killing

5:13 pm on 24 January 2008

Vanuatu police say they're doing all they can to protect foreigners living in Port Vila following the recent killing of an Australian woman.

The elderly woman was found murdered at her home in a largely expatriate area on the outskirts of the capital earlier this month.

Since then members of the expatriate community have voiced increasing concern that they are a major target for criminals, and have demanded increased police presence.

The Deputy Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton says police have limited resources and need additional logistical assistance from the government.

"There's a feeling from the expatriate community that they wanted more security, especially to their homes and all that. And I think that's something that the police cannot be physically around their homes at all times. But so far we have attended to all call-out incidents by an expatriate."

Arthur Caulton says all five suspects arrested in relation to the killing will appear in the Magistrates Court on January 30th.