25 Jan 2008

Drinking incidents won't alter NZ work scheme

4:29 pm on 25 January 2008

The project leader for the New Zealand Government's RSE or Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme says the behaviour of a few Samoan workers won't jeopardise future employment for Pacific workers.

The government approved a seasonal working scheme last year which allows people from some Pacific countries to work in New Zealand for several months a year.

However three Samoan seasonal workers were sent home last week reportedly for drunken related behaviour.

Kereupi Tevita, who is also the group manager for workforce international for the Department of Labour, says he doesn't see the actions of the three workers having any influence.

"I don't think that the actions of a minority will actually damage the opportunity for the majority we need to remember that, there is over a thousand pacific people here under RSE and I don't think that the behaviour of three will actually have will too much of an influence on the good ones."

Meanwhile, the Samoan Prime Minister's CEO Auseugaefa Poloma Komiti has issued a stern warning against bad behaviour.