25 Jan 2008

Students in PNG's Oro Province to get free education

4:32 pm on 25 January 2008

Students in the flood-ravaged Oro province in Papua New Guinea will receive free education this year.

Tens of thousands were made homeless and dozens lost their lives in the floods in November last year.

The Oro state of emergency controller, Colonel Vagi Oala, says students are do to go back to school on the 25th of Febuary, and authorities are ready to begin.

"We have approached the national disaster [office] to chip in. The education department has some money left over from last year that was for Oro, because the y closed early because of the disaster. And I'm in the process of approaching the provinial government to also chip in."

Colonel Oala says the important thing is for teachers to return to their classrooms soon to prepare for the new year.