2 Feb 2008

Health inspectors in Fiji destroy thousands of dollars worth of thawed food items

12:10 pm on 2 February 2008

Health inspectors throughout Fiji have destroyed thousands of dollars worth of thawed food items following tropical Cyclone Gene for fear of food poisoning.

The Health Ministry confirms, the health inspectors were mobilised to major supermarket operators and local shops to keep a watch on power outages and its effect on food items kept in freezers.

Chief Health Inspector, Waisale Delai, told Fiji Live that members of the public often rushed to bulk buy during and after natural disasters.

He said large quantities of food items like meat, ice cream, potatoes and perishable food items were seized and disposed off in major towns and cities on Wednesday and Thursday.

He said reports from the northern and western division stated all health inspectors destroyed contaminated meat products and other perishable items as well.