5 Feb 2008

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says Territory should back Faleomavaega

11:54 am on 5 February 2008

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce says it's important that the territory support Congressman Faleomavaega's efforts to stop any further wage hikes.

A second 50 US cent increase in the Samoa minimum wage is expected to go into effect in May.

Many business people say this would be disastrous for the territory's economy.

The Chamber's President, David Robinson, says the government must act quickly to diversify the economy and remove impediments stopping economic growth.

"The chamber believes that there's a role for the senate and the house of representatives to exert more pressure on the government to bring about the changes that we've been all talking about to improve the economic circumstances in the territory."

David Robinson.

The first wage hike has reportedly cost the territory's businesses millions of US dollars.