5 Feb 2008

Fiji anti-corruption drive gets TI support

2:11 pm on 5 February 2008

Fiji's interim government has received support for its efforts to counter corruption.

The global chairperson for the anti-corruption group, Transparency International, Huguette Labelle, has just been in Fiji to deliver a lecture on political party financing.

While there, she held discusions with the interim Attorney General.

The chairman of the local branch of transparency, Harry Singh, was also at the meeting and he says they discussed the setting up of the Commission Against Corruption.


IN:......This was what we had been advocating with the previous governments, that was the introduction of the Fiji Islands Commission Against Corruption, as well as the government giving a political commitment that they are serious about fighting corruption by signing the UN convention against corruption, which the interim government has done since coming into power.

OUT:...into power


Mr Singh says he and the global head of Transparency also reiterated their opposition to the ousting of an elected government: